“Dr. Ashabi, I just want to thank you for the relief you have given me after all these years of aches and pains in my hands and arms from carpel tunnel and tendonitis. I have been at my job for twenty years working on computers, doing a lot of data entry. I have been back and forth to worker’s comp doctors and their therapists and one doctor says to use heat the other says to use ice and then they rub my hands for a couple of minutes and put some pain free gel on it and that’s it. I actually had carpel tunnel surgery on my hand and I am amazed to still have pain in my hands and arms. I finally decided to call an acupuncturist and I regret not listening to my heart years ago because after only a few weeks of visiting your office, I am virtually pain free. I can’t find words to express how grateful I am and the power of acupuncture. I hope that if someone else like me is reading this, do not waste your time going everywhere else first like I did. This is it and I praise and thank you namaste.”

Nick M., Anaheim