“My husband Michael and I were trying to have a baby for over a year. We had been referred by my OBGYN to see a fertility specialist. After the entire invasive test and the agony of waiting for test results we were both given what we called challenging news. Usually only one of the partners in the relationship experience infertility problems but in our case we were both experiencing infertility problems.

After several semen analyses Chris results came back stating he had a low sperm count, low motility of the sperms he had, and low testosterone level. My results came back stating my progesterone level was low and I had scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes. We both went threw several test. Finally the fertility specialist stated the only option left for us to conceive was to go through the in-vitro process. Physically and emotionally we were going through a roller coaster. Chris and I decided to wait a few months and let all this chaos sinks in. We knew we wanted a baby but we knew that making decisions based on our emotions was not a healthy choice. In-vitro process is a huge step financially, physically, and emotionally.

I decided to search the Internet for an acupuncture specialist. I found Dr. Ashabi’s information and made an appointment. Of course Michael and I discussed thought of going to acupuncture. We didn’t really know what to expect or what our outcome would be. We are both strong believers of Western medicine but we were both in agreement to be open about trying other medicines, herbs, and/or remedies. I set an appointment for myself and of course it took some convincing to get Michael to go. It was difficult at first because we both didn’t know how this would benefit us. After a few sessions with Dr. Ashabi we were really enjoying that hour of treatment. We also started drinking the teas. At first we were looking at this trial as a very big task. After a while, we both started to change our perception of acupuncture and the herbs/teas.

Michael and I were working very hard as a team. We agreed to work as a team because we both wanted good results. We kept telling each other to be optimistic and see the glass half full. When one of us felt hopeless the other one would be a great support. We agreed that it was okay to be sad, frustrated, and tearful. We also agreed that we would never let depression or these challenges get the best of us. During this emotional and physical roller coaster Michael and I grew very close together. We were learning how to handle these challengers in a positive way. We concentrated on our health and on each other. We were very optimistic and enjoyed our journey. Now with faith and Dr. Ashabi’s skills, we were able to succeed. We are now healthy and 14 weeks pregnant! Michael, Dr. Ashabi, and I were in awe and very happy when we found out I was pregnant. Michael and I were in treatment for 1.5 months before I became pregnant. Again with the help of Dr. Ashab, lots of faith, and prayers, and our positive outlook we manage to achieve our dream of raising our child. After we stopped the herbs/teas, Michael told me, “Babe, I actually miss drinking those tasty teas with you. I felt like that was our daily connection.” Michael was right, we had a connection and were both working toward a goal together.

Thank you, Dr. Ashabi for all your emotional support. You were always very sensitive, professional, and honest with our conditions. You have forever changed our lives and we will always remember you.”

Michael and Krystal R., Mission Viejo