“I went to Dr. Ashabi to see if acupuncture works. Two half years ago I had anxiety, depression, insomnia, and issues of my past that was bothering me. I was also feeling down and suggested to go to hospital. I was treated by a psychiatrist, who prescribed 6 different anti-depressants over a 6 months period of time, but their side effects seemed to spiral the symptoms to a different negative effect. I stopped taking medicine. After the acupuncture treatments, I lost about 10 pounds in about a 3-month period of time, get my energy level back up a lot, reduced my body tension and depression and I sleep much sounder. I have started and continue to do an exercise program, which includes running routinely, and feel that everything seems to be going in the right direction. Like everyone, I am afraid of needles. However, acupuncture needles don’t hurt! I feel a little bite as the needles go into my body but they are so minimal and short in duration that they are absolutely tolerable. Every acupuncture treatment makes me very relaxed and calmer, and sometimes I fall asleep during the treatment.”