Recreational Therapist:

Job Description:

Direct and oversee medically-approved recreational rehabilitation activities for patients with various medical conditions. Perform patient intake, assessment, and preliminary exams and obtain medical history and other pertinent information from medical records.
Determine appropriate recreational activities based on patient needs, abilities, and interests and develop a comprehensive recreational treatment plan in coordination with the patient’s physical therapist.
Lead recreational therapy sessions and activities to assist patients in progressively regaining physical dexterity, managing pain, and achieving the highest possible level of functional independence.
Explain and demonstrate restorative exercises and movements to patients and maintain a clear line of communication while assisting in performing activities. Maintain a comprehensive understanding of office medical devices, equipment, and contemporary methodologies to ensure proper treatment and use. Perform periodic assessments to evaluate patient progress and treatment effectiveness and report results and areas of concern or improvement to the physical therapist.
Make changes to the recreational treatment plan as necessary and as instructed by the physical therapist.
Keep accurate and up to date records for all patients throughout the treatment process. Stay abreast of the latest advancements and industry trends in recreational therapy, including technological advances in medical devices and equipment.


Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy or Physical Therapy and 2 years of experience in the job offered or a related position. The position requires the ability to perform and modify the therapeutic exercises to fit each patient.

40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: Lake Forest, CA.

Email your resume to: Ella Ashabhi Acupuncture Inc DBA – A+ Wellness Clinic